About Us


Bismillah Hir Rahma Nir Raheem

Al Mahdi Cadets ​is a club formed to encourage our community's young boys and girls to build their confidence and develop their characte​r into caring and conscientious members of the community and our society throughLIVE, LOVE AND LEARN.”

Our aim is to inspire LOVE of the Almighty Allah S.W.T and the Ahlulbayt into the hearts of our upcoming youth, and to allow them to understand our beliefs and practices which will enable them to LIVE a more enriching and fulfilling life.

Our boys and girls may face many challenges in today’s world, and it is to give them an opportunity to LEARN through exciting, adventurous and educational community activities which will build strong friendships to give them strength to stay steadfast together in the 21st century.

Our duty is to prepare for the return of our living Imam, Imam Mohamed Al Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) and it is in his name that we come together to learn about how we remain strong in our faith.

We ask for your prayers and support of the Al Mahdi Cadets as they are the future of our community and the ambassadors of our society.